Who am I?

 My name is William Fletcher. My passion of photography started around the age of 18 when I picked up my first DSLR. What has now become more of a business all started as a simple hobby. I also decided to pursue and have since attained a degree in Photography from the Art Institutes. It is exceptional to be able to do what you love and get paid for it.

My preference is to take images of life. This means that I want to capture people, and other items which have life to them. When I capture an image I want to be able to capture that moment in time which will hold the emotion and meaning within forever. 

Seeing is believing. That is why my mission is to create images that will speak when words cannot. Why should you have to tell your family and friends how beautiful the day was when you can show them? I want to create an image for you that will open the eyes of everyone and will be passed on for generations as a pivotal moment in their family’s history. I decided to capture images that not only hold the moment in time, but will also be a reminder of your emotions. Once those who can tell the story are gone, these images will continue to live on. My work will always be provided and available to all works of life. Everyone has memories, and therefore we believe everyone deserves to hold those memories near. We will always strive to innovate within our craft and provide our unique quality images to anyone who seeks them.